Soup £1.60

Thai spiced chicken

Add a roll for 30p

Salad Bar:

Side: £1.50 ( 1 serving spoon)

Small £2.50 ( 2 serving spoons)

Medium £3.55 (1 serving spoon + Protein)

Large: £4.55 ( 2 serving spoons +Protein)

Roasted cauliflower, baby spinach and dukka
Brocolli, shitake mushroom and miso dressing
Edamame, broad bean, feta and mint, pea shoots

Add Protein £2.50:

Grilled Chicken Breast
Harissa Lamb
Sausage Roll

Higgidy £2.50

Salmon & broccoli quiche  
Roast veg & feta tartlet   

Soho Panini £2.80

Parma ham, mozzarella, red pepper tapenade, wild roquette, plum tomato
Flaked tuna, sweetcorn, baby spinach & swiss cheese panini

Artisan Sandwich £2.80

Grilled bacon, free range egg mayonnaise, watercress, sun-blushed tomato
 Red pepper hummus, sweet potato falafel, harissa dressed slaw, pomegranate
Grilled chicken, avocado, baby gem, chiplote mayo, roasted pepper

Snacking Pots £2.25

Falafel & tzatziki pot
Carrot & hummus pot
Egg, spinach & mustard cress

Superfood Grain Pot SOHO £3.95

Bulgar Wheat & kale tabbouleh grain pot

Salad Boxes SOHO £3.95

Falafel and taziki pot
Mezze saalad box

Grab & Go Sandwiches £2.80 to £3.80

Selection of boxed sandwiches from Soho Sandwich Company