Tomato & basil soup



add sliced farm house bread



Make your own pizza today:


  • Mozzaralla, chedddar

  • Pepperoni, shereded chicken, chorizzo

  • Tuna flakes

  • Mixed peppers, red onion, sweetcorn

  • Paprika mayo, garlic mayo, oregano, cracked black pepper



Salad Bar

  • Roasted aubergine, basil yoghurt, sunflower seeds

  • Brocolli, shitake mushroom and miso dressing

  • Edamame, broad bean, feta and mint, pea shoots



Side ( 1 serving spoon)



Small ( 2 serving spoons)



Medium ( 1 serving spoon + 1 protein)



Large ( 2 serving spoons + 1 protein)




  • Salmon with gochujang

  • Harissa lamb

  • Sausage roll


Hot Counter


  • Salmon & leek tartlet 

  • British beef & stilton pie



Mallay chicken curry served with fragrant rice



Chickpea and apricot tagine served with spiced couscous



Street food:  

Homemade beep burguer served with chuncky sweet potato chips and red slaw



Add Ons



Sweet potato chuncky chips



Red cabbage slaw


Still  not what you are looking for? Come check our traditiona sandwiches, wraps and paninis selection or make your own sandiwich from our range of fillings on the Deli bar with the bread of your choice.

Gluten free bread available







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